Slaters Becomes Founder Member of European Remanufacturing Council

Slaters Electricals has become one of the founding members of the newly established European Remanufacturing Council (Conseil Européen de Remanufacture) along with companies such as IBM, SKF and Volvo Car Group. The council is based in Brussels and will represent small and large businesses across Europe from all remanufactured product sectors.

What is the European Remanufacturing Council?

European Remanufacturing Council LogoThe council was launched in January 2017 in Brussels, with the aim of becoming the focal point for remanufacturing policy dialogue in Europe and further afield. Slaters Electricals was one of 60 companies invited to attend the launch event in January, which saw EU and national policymakers engage with remanufacturing businesses. The creation of the council was partially in response to new policy development in China and the USA, where policymakers are keen to promote remanufacturing as an important industrial practice.  Founder members of the CER (such as Slaters Electricals), together with the European Commission, recognised the need to further promote remanufacturing within Europe.   The CER is a business-led response to the challenge of further promoting remanufacturing in Europe and further afield. €30 billion of remanufacturing is currently carried out in Europe annually, representing 2% of manufacturing output in the corresponding industrial sectors. This has the potential to grow substantially – the CER and Slaters are keen to be at the forefront of growing the remanufacturing sector within Europe.

Slaters role in the European Remanufacturing Council

As a member of the CER, Slaters will contribute ideas and expertise regarding the benefits of, and barriers to, remanufacturing. The council will represent all of its members, by raising awareness of remanufacturing to policy makers within Europe, and helping policy makers to better understand and better support the remanufacturing sector. Key recommendations – that were formulated with CER input – on how to further promote remanufacturing were raised at the G7 Ministerial Summits in Italy which focused on the global economy, foreign policy, security of citizens and environmental sustainability.

Slaters consulted with the council recently regarding the proposed revisions to the Ecodesign regulation regarding electrical transformers. Changes to the revision were recommended by Slaters and presented to the EU Commission by the council.

Slaters will be attending the first council meeting being held in Paris at the end of November 2017, where presentations and specific discussions regarding remanufacturing and related policy will take place.

Mr Geoff Willis, Managing Director of Slaters Electricals, also attended the launch event of the council in Brussels and said:

“The barriers to remanufacturing need to be addressed. At present, national and international policy and regulations regarding remanufacturing is confusing, with a lack of clarity in national and international environmental legislation. Supply chain uncertainty – including uncertainty over Brexit, should also be addressed. Remanufacturing is a valuable contributor to the UK and European economy. Greater policy maker awareness of the benefits of remanufacturing is needed.

Slaters Electricals has over 70 years of experience and expertise in remanufacturing. It’s great to be a member of the CER, alongside like-minded businesses. By working together through the CER, we can help to further grow the sector across the UK and Europe – creating and maintaining well-paid jobs and important skills.”

What is Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is the process of returning a used product to at least its original performance, with a warranty that is equivalent to or better than that of the newly manufactured product. The remanufacturing process is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Remanufactured products cost considerably less than a new equivalent, the process is less carbon intensive, and it uses less raw materials than manufacturing a new product.

Remanufactured Power and Distribution Equipment

Slaters has been a remanufacturer of Power and Distribution equipment since 1946, and it is still at the core of the business today. In the electrical industry the term ‘remanufactured’ is used synonymously with the terms ‘refurbished’, ‘reconditioned’, ‘re-engineered’ and ‘second hand’, but no matter the term used, refurbished or remanufactured transformers and remanufactured switchgear are modern units built to a ‘like new’ condition and are offered with an industry leading extended warranty. Slaters remanufactured cast resin transformers come with an 18 month warranty, while all other remanufactured transformers are offered with a 48 month warranty. Both remanufactured LV switchgear and remanufactured HV switchgear come with a 36 month warranty.

Benefits of Remanufactured Transformers and Remanufactured Switchgear

Remanufactured transformerRemanufactured transformers and remanufactured switchgear are not only cost effective – for example remanufactured transformer units are on average 40% cheaper than equivalent new units. They are also an extremely efficient solution, with turnaround times often being as little as 48 hours. Remanufactured transformers and remanufactured switchgear also typically offer reduced installation and down time onsite, as remanufactured units can often be integrated into an existing site set-up, using existing cabling. Remanufactured transformers and switchgear are an ideal option if you have a short deadline or an emergency situation whereby you need a replacement unit quickly.

In addition to this, remanufactured transformers are not within the scope of the Eco-design Directive, meaning that customers have a wider range of options available to them, when choosing the right transformer unit for their specific site needs.

Please contact a Slaters expert if you would like any further information about the European Remanufacturing Council or if you have a requirement for remanufactured transformers and / or remanufactured switchgear on +44 (0) 191 414 2916 or email