Partial Discharge Testing

Why test for Partial Discharge?

PD activity in your plant is considered as an early indicator of insulation degradation which can ultimately lead to major equipment failure. It is vital to detect Partial Discharge early to ensure corrective action can take place before a potentially catastrophic failure occurs.

Testing for Partial Discharge early on can allow you to make an informed decision about the maintenance, repair or replacement of your switchboards. This is a much more economic and time-saving option than emergency replacement of your switchboards and the costly downtime that follows from a site failure.

As PD can also be observed, occasionally, during the commissioning of new equipment, we can also offer Partial Discharge testing as part of the commissioning of any new or refurbished equipment.

Slaters Partial Discharge testing service;

Primary online test

No initial down time or site disruption

Comprehensive report detailing results

Action plan put in place if PD is found

Offered as part of commissioning service

Cost effective

Time Saving option

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