Custom Made Special Transformers

Custom made transformers designed to your specification

Slaters Electricals supply bespoke Custom Made Special Transformers designed and manufactured to the customer’s specification.

Common Special Transformer types that we supply include:

  • Korndorfer Motor Start Autotransformer
  • Three Phase Transformer
  • Two Phase Transformer
  • Single Phase Transformer
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Furnace Transformer
  • Test Transformers
  • Multi-Tapped Transformers
  • Zig-Zag Transformers
  • Phase Shift Transformers
  • Non-standard Vector Groups

Numerous options are available including IP rated enclosures, special paints (for example C5M for coastal environments), aluminium or copper windings

Our custom built special transformers are supplied complete with a 24 month comprehensive warranty. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.