Eco Transformers

Ecodesign Transformers

Slaters supplies new three-phase distribution and power transformers that comply with Tier 1 of EU Ecodesign directive 548/2014, implemented in July 2015.

For decades many transformers have been designed for peak efficiencies of around 98-99%. This directive banned less efficient designs by setting maximum permissible energy losses for all new transformers placed in the market. New transformers over 500kVA are now more than 99% efficient.

From July 2021, Tier 2 of the directive requires a further reduction in energy losses, thereby increasing transformer efficiency incrementally by about 0.33% for 500kVA’s and 0.05% for 20MVA’s.

The legislation covers all EU countries and we expect this standard to survive within UK, post Brexit. Similarly, the US Department of Energy required a 2-tier increase in transformer efficiencies in 2010 and 2016.

The directive does NOT apply to existing installed transformers, nor secondhand transformers reinstalled in to service.

Standard Ecopower Distribution Transformer Dimensions

RatingLength (approx.)Width (approx.)Height (approx.)Weight (approx.)
315 kVA1800mm1390mm1770mm1980kg
500 kVA1900mm1430mm1750mm2430kg
800 kVA1790mm1600mm1750mm3000kg
1000 kVA1790mm1590mm1870mm3070kg
1250 kVA1890mm1630mm1960mm3760kg
1500 kVA1970mm1770mm2060mm4980kg
1600 kVA1960mm1900mm2010mm4360kg
2000 kVA2050mm1960mm2060mm4980kg
2500 kVA2100mm2075mm2140mm5860kg
3000 kVA2400mm2600mm2700mm6500kg