24/7 Callout Service

Unfortunately you can’t always anticipate a problem or failure occurring with your power distribution equipment. Reacting quickly if an issue does occur is paramount if you are to keep the financial implications and production loss to a minimum.

We can offer a comprehensive 24/7 electrical maintenance offering – repairing or replacing your damaged or failed equipment and also testing your electrical system to detect any further issues with your equipment.

Our 24/7 call out service means we can be there to deal with any emergency situations at any time of the day or night. We have a comprehensive range of equipment and spares including an in-house hire fleet. This means that we can get power temporarily back to your site in a very short period while we diagnose the most appropriate permanent solution to your emergency.


24/7 Call out team

Bespoke preventative maintenance available

Comprehensive range of in-house equipment, spares and hire fleet

If you would like to speak to us about our 24/7 Callout Service please call:

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Emergency call out – International Hotel Chain

Emergency call out Action

  • Slaters arrived at the hotel within 2 hours
  • Power supply was reinstated and comprehensive HV and LV testing took place
Lead Site Services Engineer, Mick Glossop said;
"The team’s exceptional engineering experience really came into play from the word go, as no time could be lost. It is not unusual for us to receive emergency call outs such as this and we are well known for rapid response times and high quality work, which came into play swiftly and led to a successful outcome in a situation that was business-critical."