Industrial transformers


What would be the implications to your business if your power system failed today? Your power system is an essential and valuable asset. It is the lifeline of your business and it is imperative that the right equipment is in place, regularly tested and maintained, to ensure it continues to run at an efficient, economical and safe level. Transformers are an integral part to your system, as they ensure the correct level of power is delivered to your site.

Every site will require a specific electrical system depending on equipment and energy use. Slaters Electricals are experts in modifying our wide range of industrial transformers specific to your exact requirements. Let our skilled team work with you to design a bespoke solution for your business demand.

Our industrial transformer range are available as new or refurbished and can either be purchased or hired depending on your needs. We have one of the largest stocks of equipment and spares in the UK, so if you have an urgent requirement we can ensure your solution is delivered in the shortest possible time.