Refurbished Transformers

NB: We in Slaters Electricals consulted extensively with the Government agency responsible for enforcing the Ecodesign legislation in the UK, and we have formal confirmation that refurbished transformers are outside the scope of the directive. This means that you can consider refurbished transformers for your projects. For more information please read our news article about ‘Refurbished transformers and the Ecodesign Directive’.

Our refurbished transformer range is an ideal solution for your site especially if you have a tight deadline, urgent requirement or budgetary restrictions. Refurbished transformers are very economical compared to purchasing new, are an environmentally friendly option and have a much shorter turn around time.

Refurbishing equipment has been at the core of the Slaters Electricals business for over 70 years.

Some benefits of choosing refurbished products from Slaters Electricals:

Extended Warranty up to 48 months

Piece of mind that equipment is refurbished to the highest standard.

Cost effective

Refurbished units are significantly cheaper than equivalent new units.

Shorter turnaround times

Due to refurbishing being a quicker process this in turn means lead time and turnaround time is shorter. Also as Slaters also has a large stock of equipment on site, we can often offer even shorter lead times (depending on specific requirements).

'Like new' condition

Refurbishing process ensures that units are produced in a ‘like new’ or better performing condition.

Reduced installation time and site down time

Refurbished units can often be installed into an existing site or equipment set up and can often use the existing cabling. New equipment is often designed at a different size and shape and so opting for a refurbished unit can mean that any existing equipment doesn’t need to be moved or re-arranged in order to fit in the replacement unit.

Environmentally friendly

Refurbishing offers positive environmental benefits too. The process is less carbon intensive, saving a large amount of raw material and manufacturing resources and reducing the amount of industrial waste produced.

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Jersey Electricity – 35 MVA Upgrade Project


  • 35MVA Refurbished Transformer purchased to allow a 33kV system connection
  • Turnaround from order to installation on site was a matter of weeks
Jersey Electricity’s Chief Engineer John Duquemin said;
" Due to the loss of our first interconnector cable to France last June, Jersey Electricity had to increase our on-Island generation capacity quickly. When the project to acquire and install the two replacement 11MW Sulzer Diesel Gen Sets was conceived, we had planned to reuse a 30MVA Steam Turbine Gen Transformer for the step-up connection to the 33 kV system but this was needed to supply base load, hence we required a suitable 11/33kV transformer at short notice. The lead time for specification, tender and delivery on a new unit would have missed the requirement for generation from November 2012. After contacting a number of sources we found Slaters had a second-hand unit suitable for our needs. With a few modifications the unit was quickly overhauled, shipped and installed in Jersey just in time to allow us to connect and commission to take power from the Diesel Gen Sets in late November.Thanks to Slaters stock and timely engineering, the 22MW Diesel project was able to deliver flexible, efficient power to the customers in Jersey before the cold weather set in."