LV Transformers

New and refurbished LV transformers
— for sale or hire

Low Voltage Industrial Transformers

We are a leading UK supplier of quality new and refurbished low voltage (primary and secondary both <1000V) industrial transformers.

Manufactured and tested in accordance with internationally recognised standards (IEC60076, IEC61558 or equivalent), we supply highly reliable transformers to cover all common applications, including:

Testing & Measurement

Generator Set Step-Up

Variable Speed Drives

Industrial Machinery


New LV transformers can be supplied complete with a range of IP rated enclosures and protection to meet your exact requirements. We also have a large stock of secondhand LV transformers for immediate purchase or hire.

We sell and hire LV transformers on a ‘supply only’ basis, or with optional on-site installation and commissioning by our own Contracting division.

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Air Cooled Low Voltage Transformers

We supply many types of LV transformer to meet any primary & secondary (or multi-tapped) voltages and other characteristics that you require.

From orders of a single unit to 100+ units, each transformer is designed and manufactured to customer specification. Common primary and secondary voltages include 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 480V, 600V, 660V & 690V.

LV Transformer Types:

  • Auto-transformer or double-wound
  • Single, two or three phases
  • Step-up or step-down transformer
  • Isolating transformer
  • Auxiliary transformer
  • Motor starting transformer
  • Phase shifting transformer
  • K-factor transformer
  • Transformer rectifier
  • Excitation transformer


  • 1kVA to 1000kVA
  • Primary & secondary voltages (or multi-tapped) to customer specification
  • 50 or 60 Hz Frequency
  • Star, Delta, Delta-Star or other winding connections
  • Open or with IP rated enclosure
  • Lead time 2-4 weeks


100kVA 415/600-660-690V 3ph 50hz auto-transformers (open style)

Oil Cooled or Cast Resin Low Voltage Transformers

In addition to smaller air cooled LV transformers, we design and supply larger double wound three phase liquid cooled or cast resin low voltage transformers for more demanding loads or specific applications, including step-up from large diesel generators.


3MVA 480/600-660V delta connected ONAN transformer

Options available include:

  • Mineral oil (ONAN), MIDEL (KNAN) or silicone (LNAN) cooled with BS type bolt-on radiator or corrugated tank
  • Primary & secondary voltages (or multi-tapped) to customer specification
  • Aluminium or copper windings
  • Ratings from 200kVA to 5000kVA
  • Cast resin (ANAN) dry type, IPOO (open) or with IP rated enclosure
  • Ecodesign Tier 1 or Tier 2 losses
  • Star, Delta, Delta-star or other connections as required
  • Fan cooled ONAF/ANAF

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Low Voltage Transformer Hire & Services

With a large fleet of immediately available transformers (see list below), we specialise in urgent LV transformer hire and regularly dispatch units nationwide for same or next day delivery. In fact, some generator and plant hire companies use our hire transformers as their in-house transformer fleet.

We also hire transformers to many other industrial and commercial users and provide services to owners and operators of LV transformers.

Transformer Hire

  • Wide variety of voltages, types and connections, including:
  • 415V/600V-660V-690V
  • 415V/415V isolating transformers
  • See full stock list below
  • MV & HV transformers & switchgear also available for hire
  • Ratings from 30kVA -1500kVA
  • Same or next day dispatch and collection
  • Account facilities available for established companies
  • Short & long term hire available

Services available:

  • Transformer installation
  • Transformer testing
  • Transformer repair
  • Transformer emergency call-out
  • Transformer cable works
  • Transformer upgrades
  • Transformer spare parts
  • Transformer removal & purchase


Low voltage transformer hire fleet

Why Choose Slaters Electricals?

We pride ourselves on our ability to supply quality transformers to suit your requirements on a short lead time and our renowned after sales service.

With almost 100 years of transformer engineering experience and know-how, our success is built on consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations and an exceptionally high number of returning customers.

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or first browse our current stock of low voltage transformers below:

ManufacturerPowerVoltage RatioWinding ConnectionConditionTapsDetailshf:att:pa_manufacturerhf:att:pa_powerhf:att:pa_voltage-ratiohf:att:pa_winding-connection
Custom Built935kVA415/415VAuto Wound Polygon ConnectionRefurbishedNoneShow detailscustom-built935kva415-415vauto-wound-polygon-connection
International Transformers75kVA415/415VDouble Wound Dyn11Refurbished± 5%Show detailsinternational-transformers75kva415-415vdouble-wound-dyn11
Electro-Wind100kVA415/415VDouble WoundRefurbishedNoneShow detailselectro-wind100kva415-415vdouble-wound
Invertomatic240kVA415/415VDouble Wound Dyn11RefurbishedNoneShow detailsinvertomatic240kva415-415vdouble-wound-dyn11
Carroll & Meynell30kVA415/110VDouble Wound, 1 PhaseRefurbishedNoneShow detailscarroll-meynell30kva415-110vdouble-wound-1-phase
Custom Built30kVA415/110VDouble Wound, 1 phase, CTERefurbishedNoneShow detailscustom-built30kva415-110vdouble-wound-1-phase-cte
Sturdy30kVA415/380VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbishedNoneShow detailssturdy30kva415-380vauto-wound-star-connection
Sturdy40kVA415/380VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbishedNoneShow detailssturdy40kva415-380vauto-wound-star-connection
Depauw50kVA415/392VDouble WoundRefurbished±2.5% & 5%Show detailsdepauw50kva415-392vdouble-wound
Birmingham Transformers83kVA415/240VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbishedNoneShow detailsbirmingham-transformers83kva415-240vauto-wound-star-connection
Sturdy100kVA415/380VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbishedNoneShow detailssturdy100kva415-380vauto-wound-star-connection
ATL150kVA600/415VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished550VShow detailsatl150kva600-415vauto-wound-star-connection
ATL150kVA415/380VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished440VShow detailsatl150kva415-380vauto-wound-star-connection
Lindley Thompson250kVA433/120VDouble Wound Dyn11Refurbished± 3% & 6%Show detailslindley-thompson250kva433-120vdouble-wound-dyn11
More Trafo500kVA690/450VDouble Wound Dyn11RefurbishedNoneShow detailsmore-trafo500kva690-450vdouble-wound-dyn11
Mitsubishi50kVA413/210VDouble Wound Dyn11Refurbished112V, 121V, 194V, 395V, 436VShow detailsmitsubishi50kva413-210vdouble-wound-dyn11
Goodyear60kVA575/415VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished210V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 260V, 280V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 480V, 500V, 550VShow detailsgoodyear60kva575-415vauto-wound-star-connection
Tramo Eslov65kVA415/380VAuto Wound Interstar ConnectionRefurbished205V, 220V, 380V, 400V, 480V, 550VShow detailstramo-eslov65kva415-380vauto-wound-interstar-connection
Custom Built50kVA690/415VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished600V, 660VShow detailscustom-built50kva690-415vauto-wound-star-connection
Custom Built100kVA690/415VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished600V, 660VShow detailscustom-built100kva690-415vauto-wound-star-connection
Custom Built150kVA690/415VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished600V, 660VShow detailscustom-built150kva690-415vauto-wound-star-connection
Booth200kVA415/380VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbishedNoneShow detailsbooth200kva415-380vauto-wound-star-connection
ATL250kVA690/415VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished600V, 660VShow detailsatl250kva690-415vauto-wound-star-connection
Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd450kVA550/415VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished380V, 440V, 460V, 500VShow detailstransformers-rectifiers-ltd450kva550-415vauto-wound-star-connection
Winder500kVA1100/415VDouble Wound, Yy0RefurbishedNoneShow detailswinder500kva1100-415vdouble-wound-yy0
ATL500kVA690/415VAuto Wound Star ConnectionRefurbished600V, 660VShow detailsatl500kva690-415vauto-wound-star-connection
Brush650kVA1130/415VDouble Wound, Yd11Refurbished565VShow detailsbrush650kva1130-415vdouble-wound-yd11
Slaters1500kVA690/415VDouble Wound, YNyn0Refurbished600V, 660VShow detailsslaters1500kva690-415vdouble-wound-ynyn0