Power Transformers

New and refurbished power transformers
— for sale or hire

The UK’s Fastest Power Transformer Supplier

We are a leading UK supplier of quality new and refurbished power transformers up to 100MVA.

Manufactured and tested in accordance with internationally recognised standards (IEC60076 or equivalent), we supply highly reliable power transformers for all common applications, including:

Power Generation & Distribution

Gas / CHP Generation


Manufacturing & Industry

Construction & Infrastructure

Data Centres

We sell and hire power transformers on a ‘supply only’ basis, or with optional on-site installation and commissioning by our own Contracting division.

We also supply freestanding or containerised 11kV and 33kV switchgear for an integrated power transformer & switchgear project.

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New Power Transformers

We are the UK & Ireland distributor for BEST Transformer – one of the world’s leading transformer manufacturers and a supplier to many European national power grids & large industrial enterprises. With access to BEST’s formidable production capacity and capability, we can supply quality new power transformers at highly competitive prices in as little as 12 weeks.

Power Transformer Range:

  • Ratings up to 100MVA
  • 132kV, 66kV, 33kV, 11kV or other primary voltages
  • Ecodesign Tier 1 or Tier 2 losses
  • Mineral oil, natural or synthetic ester (MIDEL) cooled
  • Off or On load tap changer (remote controlled or automatic)
  • Ancillaries including OTI, WTI, PRV, MOG, anti vibration pads etc
  • 24 month warranty

Also Available:

  • Cast resin (dry type) power transformers up to 30MVA
  • Generator, furnace, rectifier & phase-shift transformers
  • Shunt reactors
  • Neutral earth resistors
  • Associated HV & LV side switchgear and control gear


25MVA 33/11kV power transformer FAT at BEST

Refurbished Power Transformers

As the UK’s leading supplier of refurbished transformers, we typically have up to twenty used power transformers in stock at any one time. If we don’t have a power transformer to suit your requirement in stock we will source it for you.

Secondhand power transformers are a fast, flexible and pragmatic solution for temporary or urgent requirements, budget restrictions or capacity market generators looking for an enhanced return-on-investment


Power Transformer
Refurbished 35MVA power transformer supplied to Jersey Electricity, La Collette Power Station

Benefits of Choosing Refurbished:

  • 132/11kV, 66/11kV, 33/11kV, 20/11kV & 11/3.3kV available from stock
  • Ratings from 5MVA to 80MVA
  • Bolt-on or separate radiator cooling banks
  • Dyn11, YNd11 & other vector groups available
  • HV & LV side switchgear and control gear also supplied
  • Full project management, logistics, installation & commissioning service
  • For purchase or hire
  • Very short lead time
  • Supplied ‘fully refurbished’, ‘checked & tested’ or ‘as seen’ depending on your requirements
  • Up to 48 month warranty

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Project Management, Logistics & Services

All Slaters power transformer projects are led by a dedicated project manager who will act as your single point of contact to coordinate all engineering, logistics and commissioning activities. We also provide a wide range of services to owners and operators of power transformers.

Project Management & Logistics:

  • Engineering, design (including cable calculations if required) & drawings
  • Stakeholder & DNO liaison
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Grading study
  • Earthing nest study & installation
  • National or international heavy haulage
  • Dedicated contract lifting, positioning & assembly
  • Cable works, installation & commissioning
  • Civil design & construction works e.g. bunds & pads

Services available:

  • Transformer installation & cable works
  • Transformer testing & investigation
  • Transformer servicing & maintenance
  • Transformer repair & refurbishment
  • Transformer emergency call-out
  • Transformer hire
  • Transformer condition assessment
  • Transformer upgrades
  • Transformer spare parts
  • Transformer removal & purchase


30MVA power transformer arriving at site

Why Choose Slaters Electricals?

We pride ourselves on our ability to supply quality transformers to suit your requirements on a short lead time and our renowned after sales service.

With almost 100 years of transformer engineering experience and know-how, our success is built on consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations and an exceptionally high number of returning customers.

The following organisations choose power transformers from Slaters:

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or first browse our current stock of power transformers below:

ImageManufacturerPowerVoltage RatioCoolingVector GroupHV TapsDetailshf:att:pa_manufacturerhf:att:pa_powerhf:att:pa_voltage-ratiohf:att:pa_coolinghf:att:pa_vector-group
ABB 5000kVA 11000/3300V Transformer
ABB Power T&D5MVA11/3.3kVOil CooledDyn11±2.5 & 5%Show detailsabb-power-td5mva11-3-3kvoil-cooleddyn11
ABB 5000kVA 33000/11000V Transformer
ABB Power T&D5MVA33/11kVOil CooledDd017 position in steps of 1.25%Show detailsabb-power-td5mva33-11kvoil-cooleddd0
EB Nitran 7MVA 11/3.3kV Transformer
EB Nitran7MVA11/3.3kVOil CooledDyn11±2.5 & 5% 5 position OFF circuit tap changerShow detailseb-nitran7mva11-3-3kvoil-cooleddyn11
ABB Power T&D 7MVA 33/11kV Transformer (Dd0)
ABB Power T&D7MVA33/11kVOil CooledDd0±10%, 7 position ON load tap changerShow detailsabb-power-td7mva33-11kvoil-cooleddd0
Alstom (France) 8MVA 21/11kV Transformer
Alstom8MVA21/11kVOil CooledYNd11±2.5 & 5% 5 position OFF circuit tap changerShow detailsalstom8mva21-11kvoil-cooledynd11
Winder 9MVA 11/3.45kV Transformer
Winder9MVA11/3.45kVOil CooledDyn11± 7.5%. 7 tapping position accessed via internal linksShow detailswinder9mva11-3-45kvoil-cooleddyn11
Brush 12MVA 11/7.1kV Transformer
Brush12MVA11/7.1kVOil CooledDyn11±2.5 & 5%. 5 position OFF load tap changerShow detailsbrush12mva11-7-1kvoil-cooleddyn11
Brush 12/24MVA 33/11.5kV Transformer
Brush12MVA, 24MVA33/11.5kVOil CooledDyn11+5.72% to -17.16%, Fitted with 16 position ON load tap changerShow detailsbrush12mva 24mva33-11-5kvoil-cooleddyn11
Brush 20/40MVA 33/11kV Transformer
Brush20MVA, 40MVA33/11kVOil CooledDyn11+15% to -13.3%, 17 position ON load tap changerShow detailsbrush20mva 40mva33-11kvoil-cooleddyn11
ABB Power T&D 20/40MVA 33/11.5kV Transformer (YNyn0d1)
ABB Power T&D20MVA, 40MVA33/11.5kVOil CooledYNyn0d1±10%, 17 position ON load tap changerShow detailsabb-power-td20mva 40mva33-11-5kvoil-cooledynyn0d1
ABB Power T&D 20/40MVA 33/11.5kV Transformer (Dyn11)
ABB Power T&D20MVA, 40MVA33/11.5kVOil CooledDyn11±10%, 17 position ON load tap changerShow detailsabb-power-td20mva 40mva33-11-5kvoil-cooleddyn11
ABB Nitran 20/33.3MVA 34.5/11kV Transformer
ABB Nitran20MVA, 33.3MVA34.5/11kVOil CooledDyn11±10%, 9 position ON load tap changerShow detailsabb-nitran20mva 33-3mva34-5-11kvoil-cooleddyn11