Power Transformers

New and refurbished power transformers
– for sale or hire

Slaters Electricals offers a comprehensive range of power transformers, with both newly manufactured and refurbished equipment available.

Refurbished Power Transformers – for Purchase or Hire

Refurbished transformers have been at the core of the Slaters Electricals business for almost 100 years.

We hold quality used power transformers up to 132kV and 80MVA in stock and refurbish them in-house to ‘as new‘ condition.  We supply and install used power transformers in a fraction of the long lead-times often associated with newly manufactured equipment.

Our refurbished power transformer range is ideal for large industrial users of energy and electricity generators who value our flexibility and short lead times to meet a temporary or unexpected increase in demand, cover for a breakdown or delivery delay, or those looking for a more cost-effective option.

  • Oil cooled power transformers up to 80MVA
  • 11kV, 21kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV primary voltages available
  • Short lead times
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • For sale or hire
  • Installed and maintained by our in-house team

New Power Transformers

In association with our partner BEST Transformer, we are a leading UK supplier of quality new power transformers up to 132kV and 100 MVA, custom designed and built to customer specification in as little as 14 weeks. 

  • Mineral oil or Midel cooled power transformers up to 100MVA – ONAN, ONAF, OFAF or OFWF 
  • On or Off Load Tap Changers
  • Distribution network (step-down/step-up), Generator step-up, or Furnace type power transformers available 
  • Shunt Reactors also available 
  • Comprehensive warranties

Our new power transformer projects are managed by dedicated Slaters Electricals sales and design engineers from initial enquiry through to testing, logistics and commissioning. Please contact us for further details and for UK and overseas project references. 

View Our Stock of Power Transformers:

ImageManufacturerPowerVoltage RatioCoolingVector GroupHV TapsDetailshf:att:pa_manufacturerhf:att:pa_powerhf:att:pa_voltage-ratiohf:att:pa_coolinghf:att:pa_vector-group
ABB Nitran 20/33.3MVA 34.5/11kV Transformer
ABB Nitran20MVA, 33.3MVA34.5/11kVOil CooledDyn11±10%, 9 position ON load tap changerShow detailsabb-nitran20mva 33-3mva34-5-11kvoil-cooleddyn11
ABB Power T&D 20/40MVA 33/11.5kV Transformer (Dyn11)
ABB Power T&D20MVA, 40MVA33/11.5kVOil CooledDyn11±10%, 17 position ON load tap changerShow detailsabb-power-td20mva 40mva33-11-5kvoil-cooleddyn11
ABB Power T&D 20/40MVA 33/11.5kV Transformer (YNyn0d1)
ABB Power T&D20MVA, 40MVA33/11.5kVOil CooledYNyn0d1±10%, 17 position ON load tap changerShow detailsabb-power-td20mva 40mva33-11-5kvoil-cooledynyn0d1
Brush 20/40MVA 33/11kV Transformer
Brush20MVA, 40MVA33/11kVOil CooledDyn11+15% to -13.3%, 17 position ON load tap changerShow detailsbrush20mva 40mva33-11kvoil-cooleddyn11
Brush 12/24MVA 33/11.5kV Transformer
Brush12MVA, 24MVA33/11.5kVOil CooledDyn11+5.72% to -17.16%, Fitted with 16 position ON load tap changerShow detailsbrush12mva 24mva33-11-5kvoil-cooleddyn11
Brush 12MVA 11/7.1kV Transformer
Brush12MVA11/7.1kVOil CooledDyn11±2.5 & 5%. 5 position OFF load tap changerShow detailsbrush12mva11-7-1kvoil-cooleddyn11
Winder 9MVA 11/3.45kV Transformer
Winder9MVA11/3.45kVOil CooledDyn11± 7.5%. 7 tapping position accessed via internal linksShow detailswinder9mva11-3-45kvoil-cooleddyn11
Alstom (France) 8MVA 21/11kV Transformer
Alstom8MVA21/11kVOil CooledYNd11±2.5 & 5% 5 position OFF circuit tap changerShow detailsalstom8mva21-11kvoil-cooledynd11
ABB Power T&D 7MVA 33/11kV Transformer (Dd0)
ABB Power T&D7MVA33/11kVOil CooledDd0±10%, 7 position ON load tap changerShow detailsabb-power-td7mva33-11kvoil-cooleddd0
EB Nitran 7MVA 11/3.3kV Transformer
EB Nitran7MVA11/3.3kVOil CooledDyn11±2.5 & 5% 5 position OFF circuit tap changerShow detailseb-nitran7mva11-3-3kvoil-cooleddyn11
ABB 5000kVA 33000/11000V Transformer
ABB Power T&D5000kVA33/11kVOil CooledDd017 position in steps of 1.25%Show detailsabb-power-td5000kva33-11kvoil-cooleddd0
ABB 5000kVA 11000/3300V Transformer
ABB Power T&D5000kVA11000/3300VOil CooledDyn11±2.5 & 5%Show detailsabb-power-td5000kva11000-3300voil-cooleddyn11
NEI Peebles 4000kVA 11000/11000V Isolation Transformer
NEI Peebles4000kVA11000/11000VOil CooledYNd1±10%, 17 position ON load tap changerShow detailsnei-peebles4000kva11000-11000voil-cooledynd1
ABB 3500kVA 11000/11000V Isolation Transformer (Containerised)
ABB Power T&D3500kVA11000/11000VAir Cooled Cast ResinDyn11±2.5 & 5% BY LINKSShow detailsabb-power-td3500kva11000-11000vair-cooled-cast-resindyn11