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Comprehensive range of switchgear BTUs, spares & auxiliary equipment

The UK’s Largest Stock of Switchgear Accessories and Spares

Complementing our switchgear supply and installation business, we supply battery tripping units, spare parts and auxiliary equipment for all common UK installed 11kV and low voltage switchgear types. Most items are held in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

Our range covers UK origin MV/HV and LV switchgear models from the 1950s to current production models and includes:

Switchgear Battery Tripping Units
Protection Relays, Metering & Control
Instrument Transformers
Spare Parts & Components

We stock parts for switchgear manufacturers including ABB, AEI, Alstom, Brush, GEC, Hawker Siddeley, Long & Crawford, Lucy, Merlin Gerlin, Reyrolle, Schneider, South Wales Switchgear, Yorkshire Switchgear, Ellison, Lonsdale, Square D, Dorman Smith, Tyco, Ottermill, MEM, Durham Switchgear & Terasaki.

We sell switchgear spares and auxiliary equipment on a ‘supply only’ basis, or with optional installation by our own Contracting division.

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Battery Tripping Units

Battery tripping units are used when a DC supply is required for the protection and tripping of circuit breakers. If a fault is detected in the supply, the battery tripping unit is energised and trips the system to cut the supply to before failure occurs.

Our robust range of high performance and maintenance free nickel cadmium BTUs come complete with a 12-month warranty. We hold standard units in stock for immediate dispatch and also offer custom made units to your specification.

Standard BTU Stock:

  • 30V / 30A / 2.2Ah
  • 30V / 30A / 2.2Ah / 2A continuous load
  • 110V / 65A / 8Ah / 2A continuous load

Custom BTU Options:

  • 24V, 30V, 50V, 110V or other tripping voltages as required
  • Fully customisable:
    • Tripping current
    • Continuous standing load
    • Battery capacity
  • Alarms & monitoring systems


Stock 30V Battery Tripping Unit

Cost effective refurbished battery tripping units are also available – please enquire for details of our current refurbished BTU stock

Protection Relays, Test Blocks & Metering

We have thousands of relays in stock covering a very wide range of manufacturers, applications, system currents and input voltages, including legacy electro-mechanical relays, modern multi-function digital relays and test blocks.

We sell replacement relays ‘supply only’ or with optional on-site installation, setup, testing and commissioning by our team.

We also offer complete protection scheme upgrades for your existing switchboard with modern digital relays (carried out on-site or at our factory).


Slaters Electricals Relay Stores

Relay functions:

  • Tripping & control
  • Overcurrent
  • Earth fault
  • Over/under voltage
  • IDMT
  • Thermal
  • Differential
  • Interposing
  • Auxiliary
  • Test block
  • …& more available


  • ABB
  • GEC
  • GEC Alstom
  • Areva
  • English Electric
  • Schneider (MiCOM, Sepam, VIP etc)
  • Reyrolle (Solkor)
  • Siemens
  • P&B
  • …& more available

Instrument Transformers

Our large stock of refurbished metering and protection current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs) includes equipment to fit all common UK installed LV & MV legacy and current production switchgear manufacturers & type references.

Refurbished CTs and VTs are available on short leadtimes and cover all commonly used sizes, burdens, accuracy classes & ratios.

We also supply and install new CTs & VTs designed and manufactured to your requirements.

Voltage Transformers

Resin Encapsulated Current Transformers

Tape Wound Current Transformers

Plastic Case Current Transformers

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Switchgear Spare Parts & Components

From the smallest component to a complete circuit breaker or panel, we have an unrivalled stock of refurbished original OEM parts for UK manufactured low and medium voltage switchgear dating from the 1950s to current production models.

Please contact us with your switchgear spare part requirements, providing as much information as possible, including a detailed description of the part required and the switchgear manufacturer, type reference and year. Photographs are always helpful, if possible.

It is impossible to individually list all available parts, however our stock includes:

  • 11kV Circuit Breakers
    • Vacuum circuit breakers (VCBs)
    • Oil circuit breakers (OCBs)
    • SF6 circuit breakers
  • LV Circuit Breakers
    • Air circuit breakers (ACBs)
    • Moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs)
    • Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)
    • Fuse switches
  • Primary and secondary contacts
  • Contact roses
  • Turbulators
  • Motor mechs & solenoids
  • Trip Coils
  • Switchgear cubicles
  • Shutter assemblies
  • Panels, doors & covers
  • Cable boxes
  • Bushings & bar primaries
  • Busbars, busbar risers & clamps
  • Paxolin insulation
  • Shrouds, gland plates & grommets
  • Gaskets
  • Operating handles
  • Metering
  • Test plugs
  • CTs & VTs
  • Relays

Slaters Electricals Switchgear Spare Part Stores


We stock spare parts and components for switchgear manufacturers including ABB, AEI, Alstom, Brush, GEC, Hawker Siddeley, Long & Crawford, Lucy, Merlin Gerin, Reyrolle, Schneider, Siemens, South Wales Switchgear, Yorkshire Switchgear, Dorman Smith, Durham Switchgear, Ellison, GEC, Lonsdale, MEM, Ottermill, & Terasaki.

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