Partial Discharge Testing

Partial discharge testing for switchgear, transformers, cable boxes and cabling

Why do Partial Discharge Testing?

Partial discharge activity in your electrical plant is an early indicator of insulation degradation which can ultimately lead to major equipment failure. It is vital to detect PD early to ensure that corrective action takes place before a potentially catastrophic failure occurs.

Undertaking regular partial discharge testing allows you to make an informed decision about the maintenance, repair or planned replacement of your electrical plant, which is clearly preferable to undertaking an emergency replacement and suffering costly downtime from a site failure.

We offer partial discharge testing  for switchgear, transformers, cable boxes and associated cabling. If PD testing does indicate insulation degradation within your equipment, our experienced certified engineers will advise you on the best course of action. We are experts in this field and hold the UK’s largest stock of new and refurbished transformers, switchgear & associated equipment and offer full repair, maintenance & installation services.

As PD can also be observed, occasionally, during the commissioning of new equipment, we also offer partial discharge testing as part of the installation and commissioning of any new or refurbished equipment supplied by us or other companies.