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As the UK’s leading supplier of refurbished transformers and switchgear, we buy modern reusable power distribution equipment for our stock.

A trusted trader in power distribution equipment for almost 100 years, from a single circuit breaker to dozens of transformers and switchboards on large industrial sites, we purchase and remove surplus transformers and switchgear from your site in prompt and professional transactions.

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We buy switchgear, transformers and substation equipment from factories, industrial sites, data centres, power generation projects, office buildings, solar farms, infrastructure projects etc for many reasons, including:

  • Demolition and Site Clearances
  • Construction Completion
  • Substation Clearances
  • Site Change of Use
  • Cancelled Projects
  • Surplus or Strategic Spares
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Temporary Power Projects
  • Company Liquidations

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We Buy Used Transformers

We purchase used industrial transformers of all ratings, primary & secondary voltages and manufacturers, such as the following:


  • Standard 11kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 20kV & 33kV industrial distribution transformers
  • Package/unit substation transformers
  • Generator transformers
  • Solar farm transformers
  • Wind farm transformers
  • Battery storage transformers
  • Multi-tapped transformers


  • 33kV, 66kV & 132kV industrial power transformers
  • Generator transformers
  • Renewables project power transformers
  • Isolating transformers

Cast Resin

Cast Resin Transformers
  • Dry-type/indoor 11kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 20kV, 33kV transformers
  • Freestanding or with steel enclosure
  • Standalone or with LV switchgear (package substation)

Low Voltage

  • Auto transformer or double wound
  • Air cooled low voltage transformers
  • Oil cooled low voltage transformers
  • Generator transformers

We also buy containerised transformers and containerised substations.

Please note: we do not purchase small 230V/110V site or isolation transformers used for power tools etc.

We Buy Used Switchgear

We purchase used industrial switchgear of all manufacturers, including low voltage switchgear, 11KV switchgear, 20kV switchgear, 33kV switchgear, such as the following:

MV/HV Switchboards

  • Complete 11kV, 20kV or 33kV switchboards
  • Oil, Vacuum or SF6 insulated
  • Fixed or withdrawable circuit breakers

RMUs, Breakers & Switches

  • 11kV, 20KV or 33kV ring main units, circuit breakers, switches & isolators
  • Extensible or non-extensible
  • Oil, vacuum or SF6 insulated
  • Freestanding or close coupled to transformer
  • Schneider/Merlin Gerin Ringmaster purchased

Low Voltage Switchboards

  • Modern LV switchboards with Schneider/ABB/Siemens etc ACBs
  • Legacy LV switchboards e.g. GEC, Dorman Smith, Ellison, Durham etc
  • Standalone or with cast resin transformer (package substation)

Low Voltage Feeders

  • Feeder pillars & feeder cabinets
  • Standalone or transformer mounted
  • ACB, MCCB or fuse-type protection

We also buy containerised switchboards and containerised substations.

Please note: we do not purchase small domestic/commercial type distribution boards etc.

Other Power Distribution Equipment We Purchase

Alongside transformers and switchgear, we also purchase a variety of associated substation, power distribution & power generation equipment:

Slaters Trade-In Scheme

  • Containerised substations, containerised switchboards, containerised transformers
  • Containerised 6.3MVA multi-tapped transformer substations
  • GRP substation enclosures
  • Generators
  • Cable
  • Circuit breakers
  • Relays & instrument transformers
  • Battery tripping units
  • Test equipment

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Why Choose Slaters Electricals?

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to purchasing used transformers and switchgear.

With almost 100 years in the trade, we have purchased thousands of used transformers and switchgear units. Sellers return to us time and time again thanks to our fair pricing, prompt payment and professional equipment removal.

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