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The UK’s Original & Leading Refurbished Switchgear Supplier

We established the UK market for refurbished switchgear in the 1920s. Almost 100 years later we are still the refurbished HV & LV switchgear market leader, the choice of leading electricity networks, industry and contractors for our quality product, engineering expertise and responsive service.

Four generations and thousands of satisfied customers later, refurbished switchgear remains a logical and very popular choice, offering compelling advantages over buying new:

Enhanced Warranty
up to 36 months

Up to 40% Cheaper

Short Leadtime

Compatible With
Existing Installation

Refurbished switchgear is supplied with accessories, protection, metering & instrumentation to your specification and comes complete with test certificates & industry leading warranties.

We sell and hire refurbished switchgear on a ‘supply only’ basis, or with optional installation and commissioning by our own Contracting division.

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UK’s Widest Range of Refurbished 11kV Switchgear

As the UK’s leading supplier of refurbished 11kV switchgear, our stock includes every common UK installed 11kV switchgear type, including SF6, vacuum & oil insulated circuit breakers, cubicles, RMUs, switches, isolators, metering units & motor starters.

We also stock refurbished 6.6kV, 20kV & 33kV switchgear.

For a new installation or to extend or replace your existing 11kV switchgear, our refurbished range offers ‘as new’ condition and performance at a lower cost and shorter leadtime than comparable new equipment, fully tested and complete with an extended ‘better-than-new’ 36-month warranty.

Refurbished Fixed Pattern HV Circuit Breakers

  • Schneider / Merlin Gerin
    • Ringmaster CN2, CE2, CE6
    • GenieEVO
    • Genie SF6
  • Hawker Siddeley/Brush
    • Eclipse
  • ABB
    • UniGear
    • SafeSix
  • Alstom
    • VISAX

Refurbished Withdrawable HV Circuit Breakers

  • Brush
    • VSI
    • VMV, VMH
  • GEC
    • BVP17
    • VMX-S, VMX-C
    • HWX, HMX
  • Reyrolle
    • LMT1, LMT2, LMT23
    • LMV, LMVP
    • YMV
    • SM1200S
  • South Wales Switchgear
    • C & D ranges
    • HG12
  • Yorkshire Switchgear
    • YSF6
    • SOHI

Refurbished High Voltage Ring Main Units

  • Schneider / Merlin Gerin
    • Ringmaster RN2, RN2c, RE2c, RN6c, RE6c
  • Lucy
    • VRN, VRN2, VRN2a
    • SCRMU
    • FRMU
  • Long & Crawford
    • T3GF3, T4GF3
  • GEC
    • RT (Saturn)

Refurbished Switches, Motor Starters & Metering Units

  • Schneider / Merlin Gerin
    • Ringmaster SE6, SN6, MU2, MU6
  • Lucy
    • EOS, EFS, TMC
  • Brush
    • OLU, HFU
  • GEC
    • HMC1072, HMC1172
    • IB5
  • Long & Crawford
    • J3, J4, GF3
  • Reyrolle
    • ROK, ROS, RMS, IMS
  • Yorkshire Switchgear

Refurbished ‘like-for-like’ or compatible circuit breakers and cubicles allow an existing switchboard to be extended or partially replaced, for example to accommodate a new circuit or to replace a troublesome breaker, without replacing the complete switchboard.

Quality Refurbished Low Voltage Switchgear

The modular nature of modern LV switchgear allows our engineers to re-build or modify our stock of quality refurbished equipment to your requirements, achieving new build quality and performance at a lower price point and shorter lead time.

We also have a large stock of legacy UK origin LV switchgear, offering refurbished circuit breakers, complete panels or spare parts for your existing LV switchboard.

Refurbished Low Voltage Switchboards

  • Typically Schneider, ABB or Terasaki ACBs
  • MCCB, MCB or fuse switches for outgoing circuits
  • Ingress protection up to IP54
  • Separation up to form 4b, type 7
  • Protection & metering to your requirements

Refurbished LV Package Substations

  • Refurbished LV distribution board, with:
    • Busbar connected new or refurbished cast resin transformer
    • Associated new or refurbished MV switchgear (busbar connected or cabled)

Refurbished LV Feeder Pillars & Cabinets

  • Freestanding or transformer mounted
  • Typical protection types:
    • ACB (Schneider Masterpact, ABB SACE)
    • MCCB (Schneider NS, ABB SACE)
    • Fused (Schneider SAIF, or J-type fused pillar)
  • IP-rated for outdoor use

Refurbished Legacy LV Switchgear & Parts

  • GEC – System4 & Miniform
  • Ellison
  • Dorman Smith
  • Ottermill
  • Durham Switchgear/ABB
  • Schneider (incl Merlin Gerin & Square D)
  • MEM
  • Lonsdale
  • Others available – please enquire

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About Refurbished Switchgear

Unlike other suppliers, Slaters refurbished switchgear is more than just repainted switchgear.

Every refurbished switchgear item we supply is assessed and tested by our engineers before entering our remanufacturing facility. Equipment which meets our stringent standards is stripped down and completely re-built, re-wired, fitted with protection, metering & instrumentation to your specification and re-tested.

The confidence we have in our switchgear re-engineering experience, refurbishment processes & testing standards is reflected in our industry leading ‘better-than-new’ warranties. We are ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified.


Slaters Refurbished GEC VMX 11kV Circuit Breaker and Cubicle

Our Refurbished MV Switchgear Process:

  • Test, strip down, disassembly and examination of circuit breaker and cubicle to identify any signs of stress, overloading or insulation breakdown.

  • Sand, prime and repaint cubicle and panel work with high gloss exterior paint in dark admiralty grey (or other colour as required)

  • Rebuild cubicle and circuit breaker undertaking any modifications required, replace worn parts. Replace OCB mineral oil or test SF6, if applicable.

  • Fit protection, metering & control equipment and instrument transformers to customer specification, re-wire panel to suit.

  • Comprehensive test procedure:
    • Insulation resistance-pressure-insulation resistance test (Megger test)
    • Ductor test
    • Open contact insulation resistance-pressure-insulation resistance test
    • Verification of auxiliary wiring
    • CT magnetisation curve tests
    • Primary injection test

  • Final QA inspection, issue test and warranty certificates

Why Choose Slaters Electricals?

We pride ourselves on our ability to supply quality switchgear to suit your requirements on a short lead time and our renowned after sales service.

With almost 100 years of switchgear engineering experience and know-how, our success is built on consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations and an exceptionally high number of returning customers.

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