Refurbished Switchgear

The refurbishing process ensures used or older equipment is returned to a ‘like new’ condition, providing a maximum life extension at a much lower cost than replacing with new units.

Opting for refurbished switchgear offers economical and environmental benefits, in addition to a shorter lead-time and reduced installation down time. Refurbished units are the same quality and standard as new units, with an extended warranty period.

Slaters have been refurbishing switchgear since the very beginning of the business back in 1946. We offer an extensive range of LV, MV and HV refurbished switchgear which can be modified to suit your specific requirements.


Refurbished switchgear is a more cost effective option to new units.


The refurbishing process saves a large amount of raw material and manufacturing resources and is therefore less carbon intensive.

Reduced down time for installation

Industrial leading 36 month warranty

'Like New' condition

Key component of the circular economy

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