Equipment Overhaul

Extensive range of equipment overhaul and refurbishment services

Slaters Electricals offers an extensive range of equipment overhaul and refurbished services for switchgear and transformers including testing, repair, retrofit and commissioning, depending on your site and specific equipment needs.

Overhauling your existing assets or opting for Slaters expertly refurbished transformers or switchgear are ideal alternative solutions for companies with budget constraints or the need for a rapid turnaround. These options are also cost effective and in most cases offer the same or better warranty as purchasing new.

Equipment Overhaul Process

Slaters’ switchgear and transformer overhauling service is a comprehensive process with units going through a number of stages including:

  1. Initial inspection
  2. Partial or complete disassembly (depending on the outcome of initial inspection)
  3. Detailed inspection of disassembled unit
  4. Identify damaged or worn components
  5. Repair / replace worn, damaged or defectives components
  6. Reassemble
  7. Shot blast & paint complete unit (if applicable)
  8. Inspect and test

Testing, Repairs and Maintenance

We always recommend that you periodically test and maintain your power and distribution equipment to check that they are running at an optimum level, and to detect any potential issues before any unexpected outages take place.

As part of our switchgear and transformer overhaul service we always put the equipment through a rigorous testing procedure. Whether we are overhauling your assets or whether you have opted for Slaters refurbished transformers or switchgear, you can be confident that everything has been completely checked, inspected and tested. Slaters testing service includes visual checks, routine tests (to confirm the operational performance of a unit, and type tests) to ensure the equipment complies with the customer’s specification.

If, during our testing procedure, an issue is detected we will always attempt to repair the issue first as we understand that this is often the most cost effective and timely option. If a simple repair won’t suffice then we can look at a complete overhaul, retrofit or replacement with a refurbished option, depending on which best suits your situation.

Retrofit Options

A retrofit option typically involves upgrading existing equipment with modern parts or additions to extend the service life with minimum cost and disruption to your business.
Slaters offer a retrofit service for your existing transformers and switchgear, which once complete can typically be re-installed back into the existing space on site requiring minimum downtime.

If you have a network of older power and distribution equipment but you have a reduced asset replacement budget then a retrofit could be an ideal option for you.

Onsite and Offsite Overhaul Services

We  offer our equipment overhaul services onsite at your specified location or offsite at our factory. We’ll offer whichever option is best suited to your equipment and specific enquiry. If we recommend an offsite overhaul service for your equipment, we can arrange site pick-up and return delivery of your equipment, and onsite installation services. In addition to this we can also offer temporary hire power distribution equipment to ensure your site can continue to operate as normal while we overhaul your existing equipment.