Distribution Transformers

distribution transformersSlaters Electricals has the largest stock of distribution transformers for sale and hire in the UK.

Our refurbished transformers and standard new Tier 1 Ecodesign distribution transformers are available from stock on short lead-times.

We offer industry leading warranties of up to 48 months.

Features of the Slaters Distribution Transformer range:

  • Refurbished or new
  • Liquid cooled or cast resin dry type
  • Standard 11000/433 voltage ratio, non-standard primary (up to 36000V) and secondary voltages also available
  • Standard 315kVA, 500kVA, 800kVA, 1000kVA, 1250kVA, 1500kVA, 1600kVA, 2000kVA, 2500kVA & 3150kVA ratings
  • Non-standard ratings of 50kVA, 100kVA, 750kVA, 1300kVA, 2800kVA, 3000kVA, 3500kVA, 4000kVA & 5000 kVA available
  • Option to close couple with ring main units (RMUs), circuit breakers, isolators, LV panels or pillars from our in-house switchgear stock
  • Comprehensive warranty of up to 48 month offered on refurbished transformers, 24 months on new
  • Installed and maintained by our in-house team

Our distribution transformers are manufactured, tested and installed in accordance with internationally recognised standards and cover all common applications.

We pride ourselves on our ability supply transformers designed to suit your requirements on a short lead time and our track record of solving customer’s problems when other suppliers cannot.

Call our sales engineers now on +44 (0) 191 414 2916 to discuss your distribution transformer requirements.

New Distribution Transformers

Refurbished Distribution Transformers Currently in Stock