Masterpact M Replacement Trip Unit

AMP Safe Pro and AMP Safe Pro Plus replacement trip units

OEM support for Masterpact M trip unit has been discontinued, making replacement parts difficult to source.

The AMP Safe Pro and AMP Safe Pro Plus are replacement trip units for the Masterpact STR trip and are fully compatible with Schneider/Merlin Gerin & Square D Masterpact M, MP, IEC and UL rated breakers.

These plug-in units have been designed and developed to mirror the Masterpact STR DINF function and design precisely. They are the only replacement units available to do so.

Slaters Electricals supply and configure the AMP Safe Pro units to replace any version of the STR trip unit, set up specifically for your site requirements and ready to install. We also offer a range of associated spares and replacement parts including spring charging motors, Masterpact M current transformers and battery chargers.

Features of the AMP Safe Pro and AMP Safe Pro Plus:

  • Long-Time
  • Short-Time
  • Instantaneous
  • Residual Ground Fault
  • Ground Return Ground Fault
  • Instantaneous on Closing (DINF)
  • Over Temperature Trip
  • UL and CE certified for use in Masterpact M series breakers
  • Wireless option available (Pro Plus only) with additional feature of wired or wireless RS485 communications
  • Associated Spares available
  • Configured specifically for your site requirements

Contact us to discuss an AMP Safe Pro replacement Masterpact STR trip unit or any switchgear supply, service or spare part requirements.