Saving energy and reducing bills for Businesses

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Saving energy and reducing bills for Businesses

Energy prices have risen considerably over the last couple of years. Last week the Chief of utility regulator Ofgem warned that further price increases were imminent as the UK’s reliance on gas grows as market availability falls. In light of this we have decided to put together some tips and ideas for businesses to help reduce their energy usage and their energy bills.
Here at Slaters we have implemented a number of techniques to reduce our energy consumption both in our factory and our office. In our factory we have installed energy efficient induction lighting. This type of lighting can be installed into existing fittings and can have a longer lifespan than other energy efficient lighting systems. The lights are motion sensor controlled ensuring that they are only in use in areas where they are needed and can never be left on by mistake. Installing these lights has resulted in reduced energy costs for the business, reduced maintenance of the lighting, and also created a greatly improved working environment for our employees.
We have also installed a Voltage Optimisation unit into our factory to optimise the incoming supply. Voltage optimisation equipment tracks the incoming power supply, ensuring you are not using unnecessary energy to run your equipment. This optimisation ensures no energy is lost or wasted and this in turn reduces consumption and therefore energy bills. It also ensures your equipment runs at an optimum level which reduces overall maintenance costs.
In our offices we have adopted many Carbon Trust guides to energy efficiency in the office. For example we ensure all computers and lights are turned off over night. Did you know … Office lights left on overnight use enough energy in a year to heat a home for almost 5 months!
For larger, industrial sized businesses that own or run their electrical network, tapping down existing transformer installations to a more optimum level can reduce energy consumption – this is often a quick and easy solution to reducing energy usage. Also if your current system is due for an upgrade or consists of older units, installing Ecodesign transformers can significantly reduce operating costs, energy bills and carbon emissions. Ecodesign transformer units are energy efficient and have an advanced core material which provides lower electrical losses.
Regularly maintaining your equipment is also an important process as it ensures that your equipment is running at an efficient level, and this can have major impact on your operating costs and energy usage. A good maintenance strategy also reduces the risk of equipment breakdown and failure which can have catastrophic consequences for both business and employees. Did you know … maintaining your equipment is a legal requirement as defined in the Electricity at Work act 1989.
Read more tips about energy efficiency in the office from the Carbon Trust here
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