Company Statement: COVID-19

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Amidst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic we are pleased to share details of the precautions we are taking to:

  • Protect the well-being of our colleagues, customers, suppliers & the general public
  • Minimise spread of the virus, and
  • Maintain the timely supply of equipment and services to our customers

Our business continues to operate with minimal disruption. We have followed Government advice about working from home, creating physical distance between colleagues and enhanced hand hygiene practices.

We are not currently experiencing delays in equipment production (in-house or in our supply chain) or providing installation, maintenance and site services. Freight traffic is exempt from movement restrictions imposed in continental Europe, however, in common with other businesses, we have experienced minor delays in transporting imported equipment.

We are holding our largest ever stocks of new and refurbished transformers (>330 units), switchgear (>950 units) and spare parts. We have ordered additional stocks of the materials, cable and consumables required to sustain our production, installation, maintenance and service activities for an extended period. We are confident that we have ample financial resources to sustain the business for the foreseeable future.

We are monitoring our business operations and Government advice closely and will individually notify customers of any change in circumstances that may affect delivery of their order.

The following section contains more detailed information about our core activities:


We have implemented a strict disinfection and cleaning regime in all offices, workshops and vehicles. All staff members have been given alcohol-based hand sanitising gels and we have additional supplies in reserve.

Most office staff are working from home. We are maintaining a skeleton staff in the office. The switchboard (0191 414 2916) is operating as normal and staff members can also be contacted directly on their mobile phone or via email.  

Production staff cannot work from home so we have taken steps to increase the physical distance between work stations, provided additional hand washing facilities and reduced communal space use by staggering break times.

Our field-based installation, maintenance and site services staff are working in ring-fenced teams, travelling in separate vehicles and avoiding close proximity with others (minimum 2m spacing), as far as their work allows. They have alcohol-based wipes to cleanse shared points of contact. We request and expect our customers to provide a working environment and sanitation facilities appropriate to the current situation.

We are actively discouraging face-to-face meetings with suppliers and customers in favour of telephone and video meetings. Where face-to-face meetings are unavoidable we expect all parties to take appropriate measures.


Most new transformers we supply are manufactured in Turkey by our partner BEST Transformer. There is no significant outbreak of COVID-19 recorded in western Turkey. BEST’s production schedule and capacity is currently unaffected and they have taken all necessary precautions to protect their own supply chain and production capacity.

We have experienced minor delays in transporting newly manufactured transformers to the UK. This is caused by additional border checks due to movement restrictions imposed in continental Europe. We expect these delays to reduce over time as hauliers and authorities adjust to the ‘new normal’. As a precaution we have increased our standard lead time on manufactured-to-order transformers by two weeks.

Our stock of over 330 transformers includes new standard 11000/433V distribution transformers up to 2500kVA and refurbished power, distribution, cast resin and LV transformers of various ratings and voltages. We do not anticipate any disruption to our ability to supply stock transformers for purchase or hire on a very short lead time unless our workforce suffers widespread infection.


Most new switchgear we supply is assembled in the UK. We have been advised that production and supply chain continue to operate normally.

We have in stock over 950 units of common UK installed 11kV and up to 33kV SF6, vacuum and oil insulated switchgear, including new and refurbished Schneider Ringmaster and complete containerised switchboards. We do not anticipate any disruption to our ability to supply stock switchgear for purchase or hire on a very short lead time unless our workforce suffers widespread infection.

Spare Parts

We hold a large stock of transformer and LV & MV switchgear spare parts, accessories and ancillary equipment. We do not anticipate any disruption to our ability to supply transformer and switchgear spare parts unless our workforce suffers widespread infection.

Installation, Maintenance & Site Services

Our field-based installation, maintenance and site services teams operate from two locations (Newcastle and Sheffield) and can substitute for each other as required. We also have a network of sub-contractors who are approved to deliver services on our behalf. We do not anticipate any disruption to our ability to provide installation and site services unless our workforce and approved subcontractors suffer widespread infection.

Please be assured of our ongoing commitment to support customers through the uncertain times ahead.

This statement will be updated and re-issued if circumstances change.

Slaters Electricals Limited

19th March 2020

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