March 2020 Roundup

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View this roundup of the best posts from our popular LinkedIn page during March 2020.

Dispatched this month

Solar / Storage Transformers For Hire.

It’s been a busy week for #transformer hires – here’s two more (2500kVA 33000/400V) dispatched to a #solarfarm today.

Our #solarpv & #batterystorage transformer hire fleet covers common inverter output voltages 320 340 380 400 & 690V, stepping up to 11, 20 & #33kV.

We give priority hire to customers purchasing replacements from us. It’s a compelling offer for any operator suffering a breakdown:

☀️ New transformer in 10-12 weeks
☀️ Hire transformer while the replacement is built
☀️ Zero generation downtime – you keep earning ?

Many of the inferior quality transformers that flooded the market during the early years of large scale UK #solarenergy projects are now failing – we see them almost weekly. We’re the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for BEST Transformer – the manufacturer of choice for many of the UK & Europe’s leading #solar and storage developers and operators due to their superior quality and proven track record of reliable service.

We expect our hire fleet to be in high demand as we hit the peak summer generation (and failure) period.

2500kVA 11000/1075-1075V Dd0/yn11 #furnace transformer dispatched on an urgent hire assignment this afternoon.

Our entire stock of over 280 secondhand #transformers is available for hire.

We have more than just standard #11kV distribution transformers available – our stock includes 6.6kV, 20kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV transformers.

Contact us to discuss your new or refurbished #transformer purchase or hire requirements covering:

⚡️ Power
⚡️ Distribution
⚡️ Pad mounted unit substations
⚡️ Step-up
⚡️ Cast resin
⚡️ Low voltage
⚡️ Special transformers (Furnace, Isolating etc)

Slaters on-site

Our latest containerised #substation build will provide site power distribution for a prestigious #construction project in central London.

Do any of our eagle eyed followers recognise the building/project? ?

The 30 foot unit is custom designed & built to our client’s exact requirements and features the following:

⚡️ Refurbished 2000kVA 11000/415V ONAN distribution #transformer & CN2-T1 200A circuit breaker in fabricated steel bund
⚡️ New 3200A LV #switchboard
⚡️ Battery tripping unit
⚡️ Professionally installed fire suppression & alarm system
⚡️ Thermostatically controlled heating and ventilation throughout
⚡️ Lighting, LV distribution board, 240V sockets & all mandatory signage and locks.

Contact us to discuss containerised transformer substation or #switchgear requirements for your construction #renewables #solarpv #infrastructure or #electricalengineering project, available for purchase or hire.

In the works

The first ‘stock’ Schneider RN2d we’ve sold on the shop floor for pre-dispatch checks.

This ring main unit has a long and interesting journey ahead to Ascension Island for use by the MOD.

Our #switchgear stock includes large numbers of new and refurbished freestanding or #transformer mounted SF6 RMUs.

⚡️ New (available for same day dispatch):

  • Schneider RN2d, RN2c

⚡️Refurbished (available on 1 week dispatch):

  • Schneider RN2, RN2c, RN6c, RE2c
  • Lucy VRN, VRN2, SCRMU,
  • A variety of obsolete/less common SF6 & oil insulated RMUs from manufacturers including Lucy, Reyrolle, Long & Crawford, ABB, GEC & Hawker Siddeley

Client’s own Brush 1500kVA 11000/433V transformer refurbished and fitted with a custom fabricated mild steel bund and new ‘from above’ HV cable box.

This #transformer has been dispatched with two refurbished RN2c-T2 ring main units to our client’s #construction site in London where it will provide temporary site supplies.

Industry insight

“Half of total greenhouse gas emissions and more than 90% of biodiversity loss and water stress come from resource extraction and processing”.

An interesting article from the BBC – whilst not specifically referring to transformers – highlights a point that we’ve been making for sometime.

Consisting mainly of highly processed steel and copper/aluminium, transformers are very resource intensive products.

Whilst new transformers are generally slightly more energy efficient in on-going service than a quality modern pre-EcoDesign model, to get a true picture of the overall environmental impact you also need to consider the resources and energy that go into building a new #transformer versus a refurbished unit.

We’re pleased to offer our customers a choice of both new and refurbished transformers, with over over 300 available from stock. Contact us to discuss your options.