April 2020 Roundup

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View this roundup of the best posts from our popular LinkedIn page during April 2020.

Slaters on-site



These bulletproof early 1950s era 1000kVA English Electric transformers had given a lifetime of service but eventually reached the end of the line.

Over a planned Easter factory shut-down, our contracting division replaced the old units with two new 1000kVA 11000/433V #transformers complete with LV feeder cabinets, cabling, containment and a good clean out of the transformer pens.

Well done to our team on another turnkey #transformer supply & installation job completed on time and on budget.

Dispatched this month

2no 1000kVA 11000/433V copper wound Tier 1 distribution #transformers with close coupled 1600A LV feeder cabinets dispatched this afternoon.

These transformers will be installed by our #electricalcontracting division over the Easter weekend including all HV & LV cable works, containment and commissioning.

Stock Showcase

Containerised Switchboards for Hire

We have a fleet of five complete 11kV 20ft containerised / frame-mounted switchboards available for hire.

⚡️ 7 panel Ringmaster CE6 630A (frame mounted) – 2 available
⚡️ 9 panel HS Eclipse (8 630A circuit breakers w/ 1250A incomer)
⚡️ 10 panel Ringmaster CE6 630A
⚡️ 4 panel Ringmaster CE6 630A

We also offer over 290 LV & HV transformers (distribution, power, cast resin) and nearly a thousand other items of switchgear available for immediate purchase or hire to support temporary or permanent critical electrical infrastructure.

Spare Parts Success

☎ Call at 14:20
? Out the door at 15:45

2 off refurb 24vdc motorpacks for ringmaster for NHS Nightingale Birmingham, ensuring our client that the critical components will be delivered to site, to assist in the great efforts by the NHS and key contractors.
From power TXs to fuses, we are all here to assist during these difficult times.

Fantastic example of our #switchgear & #transformer spare/auxiliary parts service – well done Stephen Lancaster & the team.

Typically we process and dispatch four or five urgent spare part orders per day to a variety of critical applications, but we can’t remember one as important as this for Birmingham’s NHS Nightingale Hospital.

From enquiry to urgent dedicated courier dispatch in just 85 minutes – that’s the power of our stock. No 20 week lead times here!

UK Manufacturing Recognition

It’s great to see this letter from Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy publicly thanking #UKmanufacturing and industry for it’s contribution to fighting coronavirus & keeping the economy going.

We’d like to thank our core production and site services teams, their counterparts at our suppliers and customers, and indeed everyone who is supporting critical infrastructure, production and manufacturing at this time.

In recent weeks, to name just a few, we’ve supplied, installed and maintained #transformers #switchgear & #powerdistribution equipment for:

  • Critical industrial supplier to the NHS
  • Major construction materials supplier to ExCel London Nightingale hospital
  • Hospitals
  • Food producers
  • National infrastructure including ports, flood defences & public transport
  • DNOs
  • Solar PV & hydro generators

We stand ready to support the industry with planned, emergency or quick-turnaround equipment, spare parts and site services.