May 2020 Roundup

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View this roundup of the best posts from our popular LinkedIn page during May 2020.

Business bouyant despite COVID-19 challenges

We’ve been quiet on social media recently – we’ve been busy managing very high quotation levels, a bumper order book and our production and installation activities.

It’s encouraging to see how buoyant the industry remains in the face of COVID-19 and how well our production, installation and office teams & the whole industry have adapted to COVID-secure ways of working.

Interestingly we’ve seen a significant increase in enquiries and orders for refurbished equipment recently, taking over £200,000 of refurbished #transformer and #switchgear orders this week alone.

With quality equipment like this 1000kVA 11000/433V distribution transformer with PRV, WTI, OTI, marshalling box & RN2 ring main unit available at highly competitive prices, with a short lead time & a four year warranty, is it any wonder that more and more people are looking towards #refurbished equipment? We now also offer refurbished Ecodesign Tier 1 distribution & cast resin transformers.

Refurbished switchgear specialists

The Past. The Present. The Future?

Talk to us if you need #Schneider #Ringmaster equipment in the near future.

As sites reopen and projects come off hold, many customers won’t be able to wait several months for delivery. We have large stocks of immediately available new and refurbished (two week leadtime) equipment, covering the complete RN, RE, CN, CE, SN & MU ranges.

We have decades of Ringmaster experience dating back to the original Yorkshire Switchgear units and can help you with:

✅ Specifying and supply of new or refurbished units
✅ Installation & cable works
✅ Spare parts
✅ Upgrade, extension & refurbishment of your existing equipment

We also have many other manufacturers/types of #switchgear and over 300 #transformers in stock.

All equipment is available ‘Supply Only’ or ‘Supply & Install’

Even more refurbished 11kV #switchgear on the shop floor this afternoon.

Two extensible 1250A busbar rated GEC BVP17 panels for a UK #DNO switchboard extension project, one with a 800A oil circuit breaker and the other with a 630A breaker.

In the background left, four panels of refurbished Schneider GenieEvo (two VC6-P6 incomers, two VC6-P1 transformer feeders) being rewired to suit our clients scheme of operation.

There is over 30 years age difference between these two switchgear types, but all six panels will leave our works looking and performing like new and with modern protection and control gear.

To discuss replacing, extending, upgrading, retrofitting, refurbishing, testing or spare parts for your #switchboard:

? 0191 414 2916
☎️ 07977 460 880

Circuit breakers dispatched

Refurbished 630A VMX-C circuit breaker & extension panel with Micom P122 relay and remote trip/close operating switch after completing test this afternoon.

This unit will now enter final assembly including fitting a new 6000/110V 50VA VT and will be dispatched complete with full test certificates & 36 month warranty to prove that it operates as good as it looks.

Get in touch to discuss new or refurbished #switchgear supply and installation options for your power distribution project.

Two refurbished 630A VMX vacuum circuit breakers dispatched this afternoon complete with their test and 36 month warranty certificates.

Pictured left is an older VMX-S breaker and a newer model VMX-C on the right.

While S and C suffix breakers can be used interchangeably, we have both types available in our equipment stock so were able to meet our client’s request for one of each #circuitbreaker type.

To discuss refurbished #circuitbreakers or cubicles for legacy #11kV #switchgear replacement, retrofit or extension projects:

? 0191 414 2916
☎️ 07977 460 880