Emergency call out – International Hotel Chain

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Emergency call out – International Hotel Chain

One of the world’s largest international hotel chain expects the highest standards and 100% smooth operations. When the electricity supply failed at one hotel, on one of the busiest weekends of the year, Slaters Electricals was brought on board fast, to re-instate the power supply and locate the source of the problem as quickly as possible.  Crucially, Slaters ensured the hotel had full temporary power by morning – maintaining the hotel’s reputation for excellence with its guests.
The emergency call out prompted Slaters’ arrival at the hotel within two hours in the middle of the night, to get the power up and running and then provide comprehensive HV and LV testing onsite.  The team began by isolating the failed transformer and setting up a temporary generator. The hotel was able to run as normal while maintenance took place, with back-room repairs being almost completely invisible to those outside.
As soon as the isolated transformer cooled, a slow developing fault was identified and a Slaters energy efficient Transformer was provided, bringing immediate and ongoing savings.
All operations were completed, the electricity supply switched back on and the temporary generator removed within just one week.
Lead Site Services Engineer, Mick Glossop said; “The team’s exceptional engineering experience really came into play from the word go, as no time could be lost. It is not unusual for us to receive emergency call outs such as this and we are well known for rapid response times and high quality work, which came into play swiftly and led to a successful outcome in a situation that was business-critical.”
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