Eco Transformer for Anaerobic Digestion Plant

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Eco Transformer for Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Slaters Ecopower generates benefits for food waste energy converter.
A company that operates an anaerobic digester to convert food waste into renewable energy has specified the latest in EU Ecodesign compliant transformer technology to boost power capacity.
Local Generation Ltd has installed a new 2.5MVA ecopower Tier I compliant HV distribution transformer from Slaters Electricals at its facility in March, Cambridgeshire, which is the first of several sites planned to come on stream to provide sustainable energy for the UK.
The anaerobic digester produces ‘clean’ biogas from thousands of tonnes of locally supplied food waste to power a 1.2MW generator set that in turn produces electricity for the site with additional capacity sold to the National Grid.
This has led to the requirement for a new Ecodesign compliant transformer to handle the step-up in voltage from 433V to the 11,000V the Grid requires.
Installation of the new transformer was completed within eight weeks of the initial order and has enabled Local Generation to also secure a reliable power supply and help to improve the efficiency of the digester in the process.
Neil Hunter, managing director at Local Generation, which converts waste output from local authorities, food producers, retailers and caterers, and waste contractors into power, said:
“Slaters impressed us with their technical knowledge and expertise. This alongside the short lead times and quality of the response to our initial enquiry, helped to secure the order.
Ecopower has enabled us to significantly improve onsite capacity ensuring that equipment operates to a high performance level while reducing load losses that can occur with older types of transformers.”
Slaters, based in both Blaydon and Sheffield, is a leading supplier of electrical power distribution equipment including both new and refurbished transformers, switchgear and a range of other associated services.
Its new ecopower range can significantly reduce energy losses and are available as liquid cooled or dry type units and offer improved reliability and performance efficiency.
The range features advanced grade steel and aluminium windings’ technology to reduce the losses that occur due to electrical current flow in the coils and the magnetic field, which alternates within the core.
Ecopower transformers are available in a variety of rating options depending on specific customer specification, starting from 315kVA.
The Ecodesign directive for small, medium and large transformers requires new transformers placed on the market after July 1 2015 (Tier 1) to meet strict energy efficient requirements.  A second tier of specifications targeting a further reduction in electrical losses will be enforced from July 2021.
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