Tata Steel – VIM Furnace Project

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Tata Steel - VIM Furnace Project

Slaters Electricals have been working alongside Tata Steel as part of their £15 million VIM furnace project at their Stocksbridge site near to Sheffield. The project is part of a larger £80 million investment by Tata, and includes the design and build of a VIM (Vacuum Induction Melting) furnace at the steel works site.
Stocksbridge has a rich history in steel manufacturing with Samuel Fox establishing the original works back in 1842. The project is a major component in the regeneration of steel manufacturing in the UK and will be a considerable addition to Tata Steel’s Speciality Steels business.
Slaters were contracted in by Tata Steel to complete a full package HV and LV installation project. The work included the supply and installation of cable works to the entire site from the HV power supply, down to the smallest control and data cable. A complete turnkey package was offered including supply, installation and technical support, all from one provider.
Tata Steel’s Harry Burroughes said, “Slaters were able to offer us a full package solution, meaning the co-ordination of the electrical installation aspect of the project has been much simpler, and allowed for a much smoother process. They are flexible and hardworking, and the quality of their work shows in the standard of the installation they have already completed as part of the project.”
Mick Glossop, Lead Site Services Engineer said, “It has been a privilege to work on such a major project, not just for the UK steel manufacturing industry but for the Sheffield area too. We have worked with Tata Steel on a number of different projects, and on this occasion we were able to use our expertise to offer our full range of services.”
The new furnace will allow Tata Steel to tap into new market opportunities within the aerospace and oil & gas industries. It is expected that the £15 million project will be completed in the first half of 2015.

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