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Published 1 February 2016

Cargill Meats – HV Installation and Maintenance

The continuous work from Cargill Meats confirms their confidence in a positive relationship with staff at Slaters spanning 10 years. The food processing company’s electrical distribution system from 11,000 volts through to 415 volts transformers, switchgear and cabling has been supplied, installed and maintained across several sites within the Hereford and Wolverhampton area.

Cargill’s electrical co-ordinator, Rob Hankins said; “Their engineers and electricians have grown with us over the decade and are known and trusted. They offer us preventative and reactive maintenance on call-out, such as the case when we had a cable fault and any of the numerous switchgear issues that have caused us loss of power or production. Fitting in with our production schedules, they have also carried out planned maintenance, redirecting HV cables for new production, locating the cables, organising excavations and so on. We stay with them because of the very good service we’ve had over many years.”

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